Sunday, November 28, 2010

~ze first entree (no food what-so-ever)

well apparently this is my first entry on blogger, anna convinced me to create a blog so i went forward with the idea.  other than having some time off from school (i go to McNally Smith in st paul) thanks to the wonderful holiday "Thanksgiving" (hey i finally capitalized something! shit..i did capitalize my school name...but not the city name. harsh feelings? i think not) I haven't been up to a whole lot. just spending time with great people and discovering all the music i can, as well as listening to older stuff.  i have really been into a lot Fall Out Boy because pete wentz is by far one of the finest lyricists of this generation.  he fits so well with the younger crowd, as well as (gotta quit using that combination of words) people like me who have been fans since the "early days".  very deep lyrics, but also sarcastic lines make up for very interesting songs.  also, their sound is great. it goes so many ways, but to me its very soothing and almost a poor attempt at sentimental bliss.  i can remember the first time i heard Fall Out Boy (so worth capitalizing) I thought to myself "fuck. i want to do that" so i called up my uncle mark and he got me my first bass guitar. from there, it has been a crazy much music learned, good memories with friends, and just the simple experience of joy in the most pure sense.  i am really enjoying Fall Out Boy lately, mainly Take This To Your Grave.  also, i have been into Iron & Wine.  wonderful solo musician from texas is who the group consists of and the sounds are very relaxing.  i showed my mother the song 'fever dream' when i was down for thanksgiving, and she was hooked immediately.  they are a wonderful group, i highly suggest taking a listen to any of their tracks.  right now, i am kind of just playing solo acoustic shows and am in the hunt for a pop punk group looking for a bass player.  the thing i love about that music is the scene it has and the energy the shows provide.  it really is a cool thing to be a part of, and i really want to get into it.  besides my music, i have been spending a lot of time with my great girlfriend anna. it has really been an amazing experience moving up to st.paul and being closer to her & her family.  i have great times over in western wisconsin.  as a matter of fact, today we woke up and i did something i have never done before.  we went to a tree farm and picked out a christmas tree.  even though i do not permanently live here, i'm pretty damn close.  so i will be able to soak in that pine smell for days and days and days.  that was a really fun thing to do.  and if you are reading anna's blog, you most likely have heard (read) something similar to my story, but what the hell two times never hurt anyone.  tonight we are going to see Due Date with Robert Downey jr. and Zach Galifinakis (most likely spelled something wrong and now that i think about it, why do i even mention who is starring in the film? everyone has seen the trailers, people know about the film, why did i take an un-necassary step forward in describing something so un needed?) anyways...i think this is enough for you to read for my first entry. i will update it next time i feel necessary.
just another look inside the mind of another city kid.

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