Monday, November 29, 2010

the one after the first..

hey everyone. well, i thought i would enter another entry, hopefully it is something that brightens up your mind on these gloomy, cold days here in minnesota. today was my first day of classes for the week, and overall it was pretty good.  nothing too hectic, pretty relaxed day.  i put up an ad the other day on craigslist as a bassist looking for an alternative band, and today i received a call.  the call was from a guitarist who plays in a group called Vaudeville. they are local, but really have a good reputation.  they have recorded quite a few albums (check iTunes) and recorded in Nashville.  they also have played with bands such as forever the sickest kids, meat puppets, and we the kings. they have a really good sound, lead singer chris has a strong but not too over-powering voice. they do a good RATM cover (killing in the name of) and a great "rendition" of Closer by NIN.  when i saw they did some NIN, i was pretty much hooked.  i would compare them to have a broad range of sound, everything from NIN to Muse.  i have a bass audition thursday in minneapolis and am so fucking excited i can't stand myself.  i might add a second bass to my setup, and today on craigslist (so helpful) i found a Fender Aerodyne jazz bass for $350.  that bass normally runs at $800 new.  great deal in my opinion.  so that is a little of what is going on. i am kind of sad, mainly because i am not going to be spending a night in new richmond.  i am use to being there on school nights, but i should probably sleep in the place i am paying to live at. haha sounds funny when you see it staring back at you on a computer screen.  anyways, i want to start something on this blog and that is a "song of the entry".  i will post a song i think you guys should check out, and if it doesn't fit your mood just turn it off.  that is all i have for this entry. take care

just a small look inside the mind of another city kid.

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