Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This City's Growing On Me...

St. Paul, MN//My New Home
   Well I was sitting up looking over some stuff for class, and thought I would write a new blog. Hopefully it can settle me down and get past the 2 rather large cups of coffee I have consumed. I wanted to write a post that had a different focus compared to previous trails of my thoughts.  Even thought I spend many days at my girlfriends, I always feel good when I return back to my apartment in St. Paul.  I love living in this place.  Luckily, I am pretty close to Minneapolis (may seem a bit obvious) so I can get my hands pretty much wherever I want.  I haven't been to a ton of major cities, but enough to know that the metro area is different than many others.  Sunny days can be completely up beat, but there are some parts of the cities that are relaxed almost all of the time.  I find that where I live, it is pretty relaxed with some groovy people around.  I like to know that I am not confined to one area (westbrook) and can go to basically any kind of place that I want.  The Twin Cities is a great place to be.  We aren't over-obsessed like a lot of west-coast places.  We aren't as driven and sometimes snobby as some east-coast places.  We're caught in the middle, but we'll always join you for a cup of coffee and a cigarette any time of the day.

McNally Smith College of Music//Excellent School
   I just wanted to leave something on the school I go to, I mention it so much I should address it a tad bit more than I am.  McNally Smith College of Music is a music college in St. Paul, MN.  It has 4yr, 2yr, 1yr, 3 semesters, etc. for degree's.  You can go for close to any instrument you love, and also can go for business and other fields not associated with performance.  This school has a great vibe.  Some of your classes may have ten people, other's twenty, and many other amounts of people.  It is easy to get along with the instructor's here.  They're all welcoming and quite a few are easy going, laid back musicians that make the class time a good time.  There are recording studios, practice rooms, and other types of musical area's throughout the school.  There is a cafe also, that has great food everyday.  The library is also nice because you can burn cd's they have onto your computer for free (just need a ID badge) and that is very nice.  This place is just great for anyone looking to join the music industry.  You can find your niche and meet some new people.  I have a good amount of connections I have made through this place.  Check it out if you are thinking about a career in the music industry.  

..just another city kid


  1. Nice post! It's good to hear about the school. You should do more of that. It would be cool to hear about some of the things you are learning!

  2. thanks. i just figured it was time to bring up some new topics